Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends

Created by Team Nemo

An indie game based on Winsor McCay's groundbreaking comic strip.

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BACKER EXCLUSIVE: GDEX Night Sky level demo preview!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 11:41:00 PM

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Podcast 21: Building Rooms + More GDEX
over 1 year ago – Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 04:53:37 PM

Hey Dreamers! Adrian here.

As we begin to wrap the demo we're making for GDEX, we've come to the conclusion that are current method for making levels may not be the most efficient and doesn't play nice with our version control set up. So in this episode of the brainstorming podcast, we discuss building levels in discrete prefab chunks - essentially building out the room itself, and then connecting it to the larger map as a whole, so that way we're not working on one big map at once that has the chance of being overwritten and many hours of work in the process. This one's a bit more on the technical side, especially for Unity users, but we try to break it down for our listeners the best we can, as well as give insight on creating smarter pipelines for content creation while still building creative levels!

 Click here to download/listen! 

We also discuss how the GDEX booth is going, some of our plans for the booth and how you can attend. If you're in the Columbus, Ohio area on the first weekend of October, consider coming to GDEX and seeing us! As well as your first chance to play the game!

Until next time, Dreamers!

~ Adrian & Team Nemo

Saturday Streaming
over 1 year ago – Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 06:18:48 PM

Hi Dreamers!  Sorry for the late notice, but I will be streaming some Nemo development at at around 9:00pm EDT until around midnight.  The goal for tonight is to get game flow in, from a title screen to a game over.  I'll be adding some death traps too.  It'll be a fun time so drop by and say hi!

- Ben

Little Nemo Brainstorming Podcast #19: Introducing Nemo's Glide
over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 09, 2021 at 01:15:40 AM

Hey Dreamers! Adrian here.

In this week's episode, we discuss a small piece of the level that we're preparing for the game demo people will get to play at Columbus, Ohio's GDEX show. Specifically, the part where we try to introduce and teach how to use Nemo's glide. We discuss how other game's introduce new moves to the player, how we want to approach it for this game, how that differs in a show environment versus players experiencing the game at home and much more. It's a spirited, one hour conversation on one screen of the game, and a really interesting one to boot!

 Click here to listen/download! 

We also talk about a real trippy effect that is happening in the current version of the game I'm building with inside of Unity. Without getting too technical, this is the cause of dropping Chris' new camera set up for parallax scrolling (which some of you may remember seeing his experiments with on twitter and in the discord) without setting up a background to take advantage of it. The result was incredibly trippy, one that requires a visual aid along with the piece of level that we're primarily discussing in the podcast:

Finally, you may notice a lack of the normal intro/outro for the show. No, we're not throwing back to the halcyon days when we recorded these on a whim. Simply put, the hard drive that has my back up for the intro/outro is currently out of commission. It's not gone for say, so the normal intro should be back next week. Unless it is gone, in which case you'll hear a new recording instead! For now though, the same message applies as always; let us know in the comments or on the discord server if you have any questions, comments or things you want us to cover in future episodes, and thanks so much for listening!

Until next time, Dreamers!

~ Adrian & Team Nemo

Saturday Streaming!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 09, 2021 at 01:01:21 AM

Hi Dreamers!

It's Saturday night and it's time for the late night dev stream!  I'll be working on some moon battle.  Meteors specifically.  If you want to hang out for a bit I'll be streaming on Twitch at  Drop by and say hi!

I start the stream right around 9pm EDT and plan on going until midnight.  Make sure you follow on Twitch if you want the go live notification.

See you there!

- Ben