Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends

Created by Team Nemo

An indie game based on Winsor McCay's groundbreaking comic strip.

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TooManyGames 2024, Jack Frost's Palace and More
16 days ago – Wed, Jun 26, 2024 at 02:56:26 PM

Hello, Dreamers! Adrian here.

We’re putting the finishing touches on our newest demo that we’re going to have LIVE at TooManyGames this weekend, which includes a sneak peek at the game’s third major biome, Jack Frost’s Palace. Along with it are new enemies and characters, and a new ability upgrade for Nemo as well! We’ll talk about the show in a moment, but first let’s take a look at some of the new areas and characters that we’ve been working on.

Jack Frost’s Palace

On their way to Slumberland, Nemo and Peony come across Jack Frost’s frozen palace, where Flip is once again causing trouble! This time he’s brought a bunch of ice cutters who are tearing up the palace!

These hard-working joes are just doing their job, and nothing’s going to distract them from it! They’ll continue to chuck ice at Nemo and Peony, potentially pushing them along the ground and into whatever hazard or monster is in their path.

Speaking of monsters, the palace is also teeming with Nightmares, which Flip insists he did NOT call. Let’s take a look at some of these enemies you’ll encounter.

First off is the large monster that we don't have an official name for, but dev team members kids are calling "Bert"! Bert likes to get in our hero's way by lumbering toward them in close spaces, only stopping to lob fireballs from one of its two mouths. We’ll let you speculate on its dietary habits and where it actually eats from.

This creature jumps up and down out of pits. Its natural habitat are the many bottomless pits that permeate through the palace (how does anyone move around this place anyway?). They’ll jump up and try to hit you when you get near the pit, so stay vigilant and try not to be tricked!

One of the first monsters we originally showcased makes its long awaited debut in the game! The Whangdoodle practices its pitching arm, throwing fireballs at a steady pace.

We mentioned the Snowman in an earlier update, but this sneaky, fun loving guy will also be making his in-game debut very soon as well!

Here's also an animated preview of Jack Frost himself, alongside his pet polar bears and ice-skating retainers. 

New Nemo Ability!

You may have noticed that a lot of our new enemies like to fire projectiles at the player. To keep things fair,  you’ll also be able to find the ability to reflect projectiles back at your enemy with this upgrade for our protagonist, Nemo!

The Paddle Ball will upgrade Nemo’s sword swing, enabling the new ability. This upgrade will also allow for new paths to be explored and puzzles to be solved in the future, and will keep Nemo a vital and important part of your character rotation while playing the game. We hope you enjoy it!

Backer Reward Updates

We’re beginning to prep our physical items for the early stages of production.

For the posters, we’re currently working with this key artwork from the game:

And for our animation cels, Ben recently got some early prototypes made, and they are already looking fantastic! Please note that these are only early prototypes and that the final versions may differ.


We’re once again excited to be coming to TooManyGames! If you’re going to be at the convention, or in the Philadelphia region this weekend, June 28th - 30th, we’d love for you to swing by Booth 738 and chat with us! We’ll have at least two demo stations running, which will include your first sneak peek at Jack Frost’s Palace, alongside our previous Night Sky and Forest demos.

We’re also a part of the TMG 2024 Steam group, so please check us out and wishlist Little Nemo & the Nightmare Fiends if you haven’t already, along with the other cool games we’ll be sharing the space with!


That’s all for this update. We hope to see you this weekend at TooManyGames! Once we’re back from the show, we plan to keep plugging away at the Ice Palace while also working on pre-production on the last major biome, the biggest showcase for our game, Slumberland itself! Our summer interns have already produced a TON of concept art and assets that we'll share in a future update. We’re also working diligently on backer rewards, side quests, Nemo’s house, and a lot more on the sides, and we’ll continue to update on these items as we have more to share. There’s still a whole lot more game left to develop, and we appreciate your continued patience and support. Our next update will be coming sometime in late July, so please look forward to it!

We appreciate your patience as we work toward both making a great game and also producing this material for you all. Be sure to let us know what you think of this early look in the comments, and we’ll keep you posted on our end as we move towards production of the physical items!

Until next time, Dreamers,

~ Adrian

May update!
about 2 months ago – Mon, May 20, 2024 at 10:06:27 AM

Dear Dreamers,

Happy May! As the weather gets warmer, we're kicking into high gear on both the construction of Slumberland itself, and a demo-ready version of Jack Frost's Ice Palace for our upcoming appearance at the Too Many Games Festival in Philadelphia at the end of June. Here are some of the things we've been working on the past few weeks: 

Fabulous Flip functionality

First of all, we've given some love to an often-overlooked character in the game, Flip! Those who have played the backer demo from a few months back might have noticed that his swing was a little fiddly to use, so Ben spent some time polishing up his functionality and adding some of his additional animations to make him move more fluidly. In addition to helping players get across long horizontal hazards, his punches hit like a truck! Here's some new screenshots: 

Phobetor Phrollics 

What's a puncher without things to punch though? We've got some new animation frames for Phobetor, the Nightmare Fiends' Master of Illusions, who is the one corrupting the other Slumberlandians you've seen as bosses (like the Moon). He's based on The Magician from Winsor McCay's original comics. 

Phobetor will appear multiple times in Nemo and company's adventure, but fully reveal himself when he and his nightmares attack Jack Frost's Palace (but initially putting all the blame on Flip!) He'll attack with volleys of magic fireballs, teleporting, and later in the adventure, doppelgangers. He'll also have an impenetrable shield that can even withstand Flip's punch and Peony's bombs - I wonder what power our heroes can use to break it...

Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends on display (I couldn't think of any more F-sound alliterations for this one) 

Lastly, we have photos from the game's appearance at the Chicago Gamespace Art Gallery, where Nightmare Fiends is currently being displayed next to original prints of original Winsor McCay Little Nemo comics provided by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library at Ohio State! 

You can find more info and buy tickets to see the game and artwork on exhibition at, and the exhibit runs until June 30th. 

That's all for now! We'll have much more coming as we continue to ramp up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! 

Cheers and many thanks,

Chris and Team Nemo

TooManyGames, Backer Caricatures, & More
3 months ago – Sun, Apr 21, 2024 at 12:19:26 PM

Hey folks! Adrian here.

We're still hard at work converting our art and animation to a new animation system, as well as some much needed project clean up and refreshing our task board. But apart from the boring administrative stuff, we've also been making steady progress on the game. So that's what we're going to focus on in this update, including news of our next in-person showcase, an upcoming level, backer cameos and more!

TooManyGames 2024

Let's start with the big announcement. We're returning to TooManyGames in Oaks, PA! From June 28th to June 30th, attendees will get to play the game live and chat with us directly!

This won't just be our current backer-exclusive demo, either. We're hard at work on adding an additional chapter to the demo, along with new enemies, hazards, cutscenes and playable character for attendees! As we get closer to the date, we'll have more to announce about the demo and our show plans, so be on the look out for future updates! In the meantime, get tickets for TooManyGames at their website.

Chicago GameSpace exhibition

Speaking of showing the game publicly, the game will also be displayed at Chicago GameSpace from May 17 - June 30 as part of an art exhibition. The current plan is to showcase the game next to prints of some of the original Little Nemo in Slumberland strips that are inspiring levels from the game, so if you're in the Chicago area, go check that out! 

Jack Frost's Palace

Speaking of the additional chapter, we've mentioned Jack Frost's Palace before. I'm happy to say that we're currently working on a content pass where we're getting the level ready for our next public demo. This includes working on new enemies, such as this mischievous Snowman character that hides in the ground before sneakily pelting snowballs at our heroes. Just don't think to hard about where he gets the snow.

This is just the latest in a line of monsters we've been adding to the ice level and other areas, so stay tuned for more! 

This level will also feature the next unlockable character in the game, Flip! We've had the basic mechanics for the character's swinging and punching for a while now, but we're polishing everything up for his debut number at TooManyGames! After the big makeover we gave Peony for our last demo, I'm really excited to see how Flip develops over the next month.

We're also working on new story sequences as well, which means new characters and NPCs. As a teaser, check out this character Chris made recently that you may remember from the original comics!

Backer Cameos

Speaking of Chris, he's been hard at work creating the custom characters for backers who will appear in the game! We are currently going through those who pledged at the still image (non-animated) cameo level and will be getting on the animated ones soon! They've been coming out great, so we thought we'd give you a preview of them now!

Just a sample of some of our backer cameos.

We are in the process of confirming designs for some of them and reaching out for anyone who has not filled out a survey, so please make sure to check your e-mail or do your survey if that's you! Again, we've gone through the non-animated backer cameos so far and will be starting on the animated ones in the next few weeks. 


That's all for this update. Next time we'll have more information on what to expect at TooManyGames and the Chicago Gamespace exhibition, a progress report on the ice level, and maybe some other surprises! 

Until next time dreamers,

~ Adrian

New Backer Build
4 months ago – Thu, Feb 29, 2024 at 06:45:06 AM

Hi Dreamers!
It's been a very busy month for us.  We've been working hard on the mushroom forest and to get some progression into the game.  Since the last backer build we've built out our inventory system and added a bunch of scripting features.  We can create multi-part quests now that expand your abilities. As a result of all this though, we have a new backers-only demo that we're proud to share with all of you!

This build features the Mushroom Forest critical path.  The goal is to find Peony and help the Mushroom Farmer.  There will eventually be a secondary goal here, which is to collect something called "Figments" - but we'll go into some detail about that in a future update. Remember, this is an in-progress demo, so we'll have more to tweak, add, and share in the future. 

There are 3 main areas to explore here: the Mushroom Village, the Mosquito Farm (and caves), and the Treetops.  You'll probably notice a bunch of nooks that don't have much in them at this point - those will have minor upgrades or quest events in them in more final versions of the game.

We put a lot of effort over the last couple months refining how the game plays.  There's some things you won't see as much as feel (improvements to how characters traverse level geometry, for example) but also some other fundamental changes.  Peony can throw bombs now, for example - which makes her a lot of fun to play!

There's also a dash now in the game.  This will be a (relatively early) upgrade at some point - but for now it's just unlocked.  You can dash by double tapping forward, and it consumes magic while you are dashing. Right now characters just play their normal run animations for these, but we will update this in the future with special dash animations. 

We also added several more enemy types and two new bosses with more on the way.

The build is available at:

Bug reports can be submitted at (please use this instead of reaching out directly so that bugs can be properly logged):

I know this project is taking a while. We're working really hard on it and super proud of what we're been able to accomplish so far!  Those of you following game industry news will know that game making is in a very unstable place right now, but by taking our time the way we have, we have actually put ourselves in a position to be stable and carry on with getting you the best version of this game that we can (even if it's a longer process.) Thanks so much for sticking with us and we can't wait to show you more!

I'm still going with my weekly Twitch development streams (Saturday Night ~9:00PM EST) - so if you're wanting to follow along you can go to

- Ben

January update - MAGFest and new demo soon!
6 months ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 07:04:29 AM

Dearest dreamers and backers!

Happy New Year from Team Nemo! We're writing this as we are loading in for MAGFest - the Music and Gaming Festival in National Harbor, MD from Jan. 18-21 - so this will be a shorter update preceding a longer one next week with more gameplay details, pictures of our "Nemo's Room"-themed booth, and more news. 

A big award nomination - vote for us!

First of all: we've been nominated for a major award from Debug Magazine - an indie-focused print magazine from the UK. We're among their nominees for the "Most Anticipated Indie Game" award, and you (yes, YOU!) can help us get it by clicking the link on the image below! 

Please go to and vote for Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends to win the award, and tell your friends to do the same! We've also done some new interviews in relation to this nomination, so we'll be sure to share those as they go up. Please make sure to vote ASAP though, there's not much time left! 

What's new on the game?

A lot! We've been hard at work on both the Ice Palace and Mushroom Forest levels, building out the spaces and platforming gameplay of the Ice Palace (the action and eye-candy stuff), and building out the adventure elements of the Mushroom Forest (the story stuff, but also even more eye-candy). Here are a few preview shots we have: 

Peony stops to take in the sights after a difficult platforming section
Nemo encounters a herd of Bazoos happily munching away on the mushrooms and foliage of the Forest.
Climbable floofs! 
New bosses? Why yes, the Forest has 2! I wonder who the other boss could be (maybe it's a team?)

Along with this, we have a new pause inventory menu, a quest system, and some other quality of life improvements in place. Also also, folks will finally get to experience Peony's amazing bomb-throwing ability!

How can I check out this new stuff?

While we've built a lot of this for our MAGFest demo, but what if you can't be at MAGFest? Well, all of this is in preparation for a BRAND NEW PUBLIC DEMO which we'll be debuting after the show. Stay tuned for more news and details about that soon! 

Other news

Obviously, we'll be busy in the Nemo booth at MAGFest the next few days, but post-MAGFest, my attention will turn to the backer cameos for the $300 and up tiers. We'll be in contact with any requests for details with those folks (we have a lot of that information already, so no need to contact us first, please let us get started then reach out as needed.) 

We'll especially need those backer characters soon, because after those are filled out, they'll be handy for us to build out crowd scenes in areas like our other next priority - Slumberland itself! We've got some cool plans for that as well, so stay tuned! 

That's it for now Dreamers. We'll update soon on MAGFest stuff and on the demo. 

Cheers and many thanks,

Chris  and Team Nemo